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List of Services

 Rates shown are per pet per day- See notes below and please ask if you do not understand our rates and billing. 

Standard Kennels...                                          $40.00*

Standard Stay N Play...                                    $52.00*
Luxury Suites...                                                $55.00*

Luxury Stay N Play...                                        $67.00*

Special Needs & Geriatric Suites...                  $60.00*

Cat Rooms...                                                     $25.00*

For more information on our Boarding options, click here. 

*Additional $25 fee for all one night stays over football weekends

*Additional $25 per pet fee for MAJOR holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, also mandatory minimum 3 day charge over theses holidays*

Additional fees and mandatory exercise add on may be required for high energy or difficult to manage pets. 


Exercise Prices:

Extra Walks                                                        $2.00

Hikes                                                                   $8.00

Frisbee                                                                $8.00

Personal Play Time                                               $8.00

Swimming                                                             $8.00

Group Play Time                                                   $8.00

Bird Boarding Prices:

$20-$45 (please call for exact pricing)

Small Animal Boarding Prices:

$20-$30 (please call for exact pricing)

Grooming Prices:

Nail Trim                                                           $15.00 plus tax

Ear Cleaning                                                      $10.00 plus tax

Bath and Nail Trim starting at                          $35.00 plus tax

Full service grooming available, call for pricing.


Pickup and Delivery Prices:

Each way for Boarding                                           $20.00

Round Trip for Grooming                                 $20.00 per pet

One Way for Grooming                                    $15.00 per pet

  • Daycare fees include pick up and delivery


  • Additional fees apply for medication administration.


  • All Rates are charged per pet per day- Day rate is charged on drop off day regardless of drop off time/ to avoid additional day charge on pick up, pick up  must be in morning office hours. Our rates basically work like those of a hotel room- PLEASE ASK IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. 

  • We encourage all pets who are new to our facility to be dropped off at the earliest time available in order to allow our staff to help acclimate your pets. 

  • Intact male dogs over one year will be charged an additional $5-$10 per day.

  • Additional fees will apply for unruly or aggressive pets or pets that require an advanced handler.

  • *All major credit cards accepted, along with cash and check.

Services : Welcome

Canine Cough Awareness

We are doing our absolute best to be on top of current and on going situations with canine respiratory concerns. Similar to covid, this is a huge concern and unknown 

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