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 Dog Daycare and Enrichment Program

Doggie Daycare: Service

Our daycare program is catered to your pups individual wants and needs. Our focused Enrichment based program not only meets your k9 companions need for exercise and socialization, but also incorporates sensory development and exposure to different stimuli. All of our daycare staff are extensively trained in group interactions. Our groups are put together based on size, temperament and play styles. All group interactions are well supervised by our advanced daycare staff.


Enrichment Activities




Lone Wolf Play Program

Enrichment activites are included in every day activities. Our staff use positive reinforcement training techniques in order to encourage appropriate social behavior and keep our guests  happy and balanced socially and behaviorally. Rest and individual focus time is also an important part of our program.Stuffed bones, Kongs, Puzzle Toys, and matts are used to help encourage our guest to use thier minds and senses , gain confidence in new environments and new skills in life. Excercise such as group sit stay, learning to wait at gates and individual recalls are all incorporated in our regular activities in order to keep our guests well rounded , happy and focused.  

All group interactions are well supervised and put together after careful evaluation of your pups individual needs. Social groups are built gradually and put together carefully based on size, temperament and play styles.

The Lone Wolf Play Program is intend for those who prefer individual play. We have several options for the less social guests, such as nature hikes, swimming, ball, frisbee and many options for enrichment activities . We will keep your lone wolf happy well exercised. Even the pets who do not enjoy direct dog interaction need a well balanced social life. We focus on building a pets trust and confidence in order to build their tolerance of being around others. Not all people nor all pets need to be social, but being tolerant of others is important. 

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