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Standard Boarding

This option offers your dog an indoor area which is heated throughout the winter and air conditioned throughout the summer. They have constant access to a separate patio area and get to go out, individually, to our grass play yards a minimum of three times per day. The indoor space for the dogs are roughly 5 foot by 6 foot, and the patio area is roughly 5 foot by 10 foot. The outdoor yards are each around 30 foot by 50 foot. We also have large kennels for multi-dog families upon request. Pets who are curious and like to see the action really enjoy a standard stay where they can see all of their neighbors.

Keep in mind if your pup is friendly and enjoys activities with like minded playmates that Standard Stay N Play will allow your pup to be incorporated into our doggie daycare program, where the majority of the day will be spent outside playing! Then when they return inside their neighbors will be the friendly guests they played with during the day. 

Our staff is well trained to be mindful of all aspects of our guests needs, physical, emotional and social in order to make all of our guests feel happy and safe.


Luxury Suite Boarding

This option is a more homelike environment where your dogs have a private six foot by eight foot room with a raised platform bed, a window view outside, and a TV playing animal planet. The Luxury suites have a doggy door that leads outside to their own outdoor, grass run, which is about 24 foot long.


Geriatric Suite Boarding

Our Private rooms are very much like our Luxury suites in size, without the outdoor access. These rooms offer your pet complete privacy from the other dogs in our facility and include five leash walks each day. Private rooms work very well for older pets who have never been boarded, extremely shy or timid dogs, or any pet with special medical needs. Our staff is well trained on meeting all of the needs of our guests. All staff are trained in pet first aid and CPR, and all of our management team is well trained in managing pets with special needs such as diabetes, seizure conditions and managing post surgical needs. Please call with any special concerns or needs.

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Feline Boarding
Our Feline facility gives your cat space and comfort in an environment that feels open while providing the safety and security they deserve. Each cat can enjoy a window view outside and three levels of play space.  All feline guests have comfortable bedding, as well as litter boxes and litter, which we provide. Cats have ultimate privacy from their neighbors with a wall to provide considerable spacing between them. As with all of our pets, we do offer private play times for our feline guests as well.

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Small Animal and Exotics Boarding

We board just about every type of animal, from iguanas to macaws, click the link above for more information on our avian and exotics boarding. Zazu is our resident Green wing Macaw who has been with us since our founding in 1999- she will gladly dance for you through the window to our bird room.

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Exercise Services

     Personal Play Times
     Group Play Times


Enrichment Activities

Stuffed Kongs

Snuffle Matts

Puzzle Toys

Lick Matts

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